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Gary Powders Darkest Hour

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Gary Powder's Darkest Hour

It’s been said Garry Powder is nothing but a myth. A dream created by lonely men and women desperate for a reason to carry on past the sunrise, searching for the canonization of the irrational. However, in our darkest hours, Garry Powder does exist. We have seen him with our own eyes. This is an exploration of the weird and wonderful in our cosmos delivered to your speaker box through the means of electronic music. From groove-laden house to ricocheting electro we are a collective influenced by old and new alike and only ask that you expect the unexpected. With regular guest slots from our hottest promising DJs of the moment the bi-weekly show delivers an intimate glimpse into the local scene. Tune in every other Friday from 22:00 - 00:00. Will it be your darkest hour?

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