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Fruit Machine

  • Ambient
  • Jazz Fusion
  • Soul
Artist — Track Name

Feet - Hiroshi Yoshimura
Ever New - Beverly Glenn Copeland
Coco - Les Yeux Orange
Stay - The Controllers
Hymn To Mother Earth - Demon Fuzz
美丽的女郞 (Beautiful Woman) - Chen Qiong Mei
Аавдаа (To My Own Father) - The Bayan Mongol
Change - Toshio Matsuura Group
Bloom - Yazz Ahmed
Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe - Sly5thave & The Clubcasa Chamber Orchestra
Inner Forest - Voyage Futur

Fruit Machine

Fruit Machine is a reflection of Lawi's record collection; a gamble of buys ranging from passionate to impulsive. Expect a four weekly, hour-long exercise in free flowing continuity between prog rock, funk, noise and jazz, linked by common threads of eclecticism and culture

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