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Freaks & Healing w/ B. Rupp

  • Avant-Garde
  • Noise Rock
  • Post-Punk
  • Industrial
  • No Wave
Artist — Track Name

Daniele Brusaschetto - Il Sole Del Pomeriggio
Njurmännen - Big Guns
Current 93 - St. Peter's Keys All Bloody
Nurse With Wound - Mummer's Little Weeper
Lemon Kittens - Little Mercies
Mars - Hairwaves
MCH Band - Prochazka Kolem Pivovaru // A Walk Around The Brewery
Laibach - We Are Forgiving The Future
Asian Women On The Telephone - O.Y.A.W.O.T.T.
Fake Cats Project - Все хорошо (Русский канон ч.I) // Everything Is Fine (Russian Canon P.I)
You've Got Foetus On Your Breath - Harold McMillan
Ramleh - Pit Bull
Among The Rocks & The Roots - Raga
Zoomers - Please Stay
DNA - Detatched
Glenn Branca - Music For The Dance Bad Smells
Kevin Ayers - The Lady Rachel
Victrola - Hollow Nation
Aphex Twin - Short Forgotten Produk Trk

Freaks & Healing w/ B. Rupp

Freaks & Healing explores experimental music from freaks globally, with the potential of healing when the hour is up.

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