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Freaks & Healing w/ B. Rupp

  • Avant-Garde
  • Industrial
  • Experimental
  • Noise
  • Noise Rock
Artist — Track Name

Ludgate Squatter - Asleep
Genetic Factor - Rain Over Quicksand
Section 25 - C.P.
SAINTES - The Letter
Fake Cats Project - A Kitten Looks At Soldier's Eyes / Котик смотрит солдату в глаза
Daniele Brusaschetto - Fili Di Voce
The Residents - Maze Of Jigsaws
Коммунизм - Стачка шахтёров в Кузбассе
Paul Schütze - The Last Tall Forests - Frozen Decent
Deutsch Nepal - I Jast Fokos an Maiself
Kinlaw - Mujtama3ku Be7azzinni ft Abdel Ja7eem Hafeth
Phew - Our Element
Neptune - On End. The Litle Hairs.
Tomaga - Malintesi
Public Information Film - No Go (German Version)
Die Form - 2
De-Bons-En-Pierre - Une Fuite Chaussée Mais Sans Lacets
Scorn - Slumber
Richie Culver - Pigeon Flesh
Exit Electronics - Your Lot
Godflesh - Witchhunt

Freaks & Healing w/ B. Rupp

Freaks & Healing explores experimental music from freaks globally, with the potential of healing when the hour is up.

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