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Freaks & Healing w/ B. Rupp

  • Avant-Garde
  • Dark Ambient
  • Psychedelic Rock
  • Noise Rock
  • Experimental
Artist — Track Name

Alec Empire - NY Summer One
Einsturzende Neubauten - Herder
The Caretaker - The Weeping Dancefloor
Daniel Bachman - Car
Les Rallizes Denudes - Track06
Michael Gira - Where Does Your Body Begin?
Lee Renaldo / Jim Jarmusch Marc Urselli / Balazs Pandi - Tectonic Mantle
Nurse With Wound - I'm A Frayed Knot
Raed Yassin - A Fistful Of Stardust
Gnod - A Very Special Request
Faust - Mamie Is Blue
Crescent - Song
Glenn Branca - Lesson No. 2
Muslimgauze - Base Metal Trinkets, One Rupee
Coil - Windowpane

Freaks & Healing w/ B. Rupp

Freaks & Healing explores experimental music from freaks globally, with the potential of healing when the hour is up.

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