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Foul-Up w/ Nic Krog

  • Musique Concrète
  • Free Jazz
  • Acid House
  • Digi-Dancehall
  • Post-Punk
Artist — Track Name

Spykidelic - New Acidton
Klein - onelast L
MB03 - Nag Champion
Afrikan Sciences - In and Out of Range
Graham Lambkin - Community
Zone Bleue - Bienvenue dans la zone bleue
L4b - Current View
Derek Bailey - 5
Die Reihe - Loft Classics
Li Minghui - The Drizzle
EVOL - Tommy Ache
Delta 5 - You
Steve Poindexter - Maniac (Original 1988 Extended Acid Replay Version)
Matana Roberts - different rings
Catherine Christer Hennix - Solo for Tamburium (excerpt)
EVOL - Mean Gene
Laurel Halo - Atlas
Alice Coltrane - Er Ra
Frankie B - Pressure Me
Yuan Meiyun - The Most Beautiful Boy
Army of Lovers - Candyman Messiah

Foul-Up w/ Nic Krog

A sonic detour with Nic Krog. A collision of bass heavy club cuts and punk sound art. A mistake resulting in confusion

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