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Foul-Up w/ Nic Krog

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Artist — Track Name

Felix Kubin und Das Mineralorchester - Orchester 1
Giorgio Moroder - The Autopsy
Stephen O’Malley & Anthony Pateras - déjà su
Cukor Bila Smert’ - Argolida (Part II)
Else Marie Pade - Syv cirkler
Ëthër Junkie - ▲MµσT
Felix Kubin und Das Mineralorchester - Orchester 2
Inner City - Power of Passion
die Reihe - “Moving In” Sequential Extrapolation in Free Time (Vocal Mix)
Nicole Lachartre - Ultimes
Max Eilbacher - Telescope Casual
Busta Rhymes - What’s it Gonna Be?! (feat. Janet Jackson)
Jiyoung Wi - Walking Tumor
Ssisyspssk - Hair Control
The Stooges - L.A. Blues (Live at Goose Lake: August 8, 1970)
Cukor Bila Smert’ - Argolida (Part I)
Funeral Future - 400 kW
Nico - Win a Few

Foul-Up w/ Nic Krog

A sonic detour with Nic Krog. A collision of bass heavy club cuts and punk sound art. A mistake resulting in confusion

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