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Feels Cosmic w/ Bakläxa & Naga

  • Classic Disco
  • Cosmic
  • Industrial
  • New Age
  • New Beat
Artist — Track Name

W. David Oliphant - Wrong Wind 2010
TCP - The Amulet
Kreng - Version
Jennifer Lara - I'm In Love
Kate Bush - Army Dreamers
Paso Doblo - Computerliebe
Jan Fex - Drömmar Håller Mig Vaken (Johan Ressle Ajustement)
Risqué - Starlight
Bernd Scholl - Journey (through the night)
Tommi Ohrner - Nochmal Schwein gehabt (Germany 1983)
Ultimatum - Countdown
Eroc - Fito Linte
Icehouse - Java
Cruisin’ Gang - Affair A Gogo
Der Plan - Sirius und Alpha Zentauri
At Light - Abendrot (Germany, 1975)
Molto Stuhl - Es kitzelt (1982)
Michael Garrison - Synthation Flow
Wolfgang Maus Soundpicture - Children of the Universe
Bibi Flash - histoire d’un soir (bye bye, les galeres) (ajustement disco affiné par bikini freak)
Margino - Happy People
S.T. Rap - Nimm die Finger weg
Whitney Houston - Love Will Save The Day
Soulful Dynamics - Jungle People
John McCoy - silverstone
Šizike - Don't Stop!
Potpourri - Ich bin durchsichtig
Spliff - Das Blech
Joachim Witt - Goldener Reiter
Malör - Bali
DJ Bert & Eagle - Import (spAcelex extended drum edit)
Nina Hagen - Naturträne

Feels W/ Bakläxa

Bakläxa's Feels explores themes of dreams, tempo, calmness, wetness, cuteness, dopeness and the cosmos to mention a few, whilst inviting guests to dive into these themes together for two hours of ᖴEEᒪᔕ.

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