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  • Experimental
  • Post-Punk
  • Cold wave
  • Dub
Artist — Track Name

The Slurring - Astaron
Baby Elephant Magic - Bandit Nrah Master of Rajasthan
Strength in the Tropics - Nova Materia
Les Yeux de la Grandesse - Tryphème
Peut Être Pas - Liaisons Dangereuses
Holly Mother - Reymour
Sorry We Can’t Make Love - Naomie Klaus
Jesus Krist Klap Rap - Mk Ultra and The Assassin
I Met The Beast - Martin Dupont
Don’t Wanna Lose My Soul - F.O.E.
Another Day Another End - Fontaine SMC
Feathers-Oar-Blades - Cocteau Twins
Style - Tirzah
Luna - Les Trois Etrangers
Cogged - Leslie Winer & Jay Glass Dub


Faustine brings a monthly selection of weird and eclectic tracks, oscillating between post punk, minimal synth, electro and more soothing, atmospheric sounds.

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