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  • ambient jazz
  • experimental hip-hip
  • leftfield techno
  • experimental
  • black metal
Artist — Track Name

Tumi Árnason & Magnús Trygvason Eliassen - I Want to Die When I Grow Up
Martina Bertoni - So It Goes
Krakkkbot - Children of Tomorrow - Dying Today
Rebel Yell - Stains ft. Gussy
Lord Pusswhip - Hvarerdópiðmitt ft. TY (2015)
Countess Malaise - Bugz Bunny
Skadi Thordardottir - The Heeling
Croatian Amor - An Angel Gets His Wings Clipped
Shapednoise - Witness Of A Heart Attack Death
Svartidauði - Impotent Solar Phallus (AMFJ deconstruction)
Yeah You - 04 Pace
Broken FM - Sound Of
Vanity Productions - Only The Stars Come out at Night