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Perfume Genius - Teeth
Pascal Latour - Lague Yo
Olmo Cassimba - It Is The Light
Joni Mitchel - The Jungle Line
Barry Cant Swim - Dance of the Crab
Folamour - I Don't Sleep At Night But I Wake Up At 6AM
Baird Hersey & Prana - Ahimna
H31R - Backwards
Florence Adooni - Mam Pe'ela Su'ure
Mazaher - Habibi Ya Nabi
L'Rain - New Year's UnResolution


Reflecting his own unconventional path of musical discovery, Evadney’s radio shows whipsaw across time and genre, vocals and music. Stunning voices, unique compositions and statements of intent. Expect a journey into the beauty, magic and power of music undefined by genre.

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