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Escalator To Nowhere

  • Alternative Rock
  • Neo Folk
  • Italo
  • Choral
Artist — Track Name

Edouard Artemiev - Ma Beauté A Fleuri Trop Tot
Skin - The Center Of Your Heart
Rose Elizabeth - Hazeldeane
Little Egoists - Ballad For Old Men
Sueno Sueno - Add Mosphere
Dunkelziffer - Songs For Everyone
Antena - Seaside Weekend
Talking Drums - Pretend A Stranger (Extended Mix)
Mouth Music - Martin Martin
RMP - 3'32"
Signal Theory - Parking The Head
The Moors - Guth Na Torainn (The Voice Of Thunder)
Pinch & Shackleton - Rooms Within A Room
DK - The Ancient Kingdom
Scintii - Deux
Coil - Departed
Central Unit - Santiago
Jonquera - President Baker
Muslimgauze - Untitled 3
Unkniwn - Opera Of Worms
Freaky Chakra - Halucifuge (300 Mic)
Ice T - Tibetan Jam (Instrumental)
Free Range - Relax It's Just Eggs
Rotterdans - Interference
Spill Gold - Unknown

Escalator To Nowhere

Plagued by creative differences, harried by infighting, the stragglers limp on in determination. Tim, Gav and Will won’t be, or rather can’t be, stopped. Combined, these subpar individuals became an above average force to be reckoned with, throwing caution to the winds of the perfect storm of reckless abandon, that is the Escalator to Nowhere.

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