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Escalator To Nowhere

  • Industrial
  • Chug
  • Post-Punk
  • Dub
  • Donk
Artist — Track Name

Sorrow - Under The Yew Possessed
Naffi Locksman - Walk The Water
Ike Yard - War=Strong
Bokeh Versions - Bocca Chiusa
Adult Fantasies - Live In Transit
Sumerland - Morpheus (Reprise)
Eyeless In Gaza - The Eyes Of Beautiful Losers
Zillas On Acid - Wonderful Time In A Terrible Club (Fantastic Twins Remix)
Ayaz - Adəm
Marta De Pascalis - Sonus Ruinae Part 1
The Body Lovers - Untitled
Bliss - Reveal (feat. Lisbeth Scott)
Sunun - Dark Just (Kinlaw Remix)
Sote - Holy Error
Diamanda Galas - Free Among The Dead (Psalm 88)
48 Cameras - Bloodsucker
Child - DonaBonBon (feat. Salvador Herrera)
Sons of Arga - The Truth Lies, There In (feat. John Cooper Clarke)
DJ Die Soon - Kawo Kada
DJ Marsta - Hollow
Princess Nokia - Bruja
Kai Luen - The Holy Ghost
Vanligt Folk - Bah SØD
Seefeel - Polyfusion
Closedown - Red Oval
Floret Silva - Big Sleep
Flayer - Wanna Get Back Your Love

Escalator To Nowhere

Plagued by creative differences, harried by infighting, the stragglers limp on in determination. Tim, Gav and Will won’t be, or rather can’t be, stopped. Combined, these subpar individuals became an above average force to be reckoned with, throwing caution to the winds of the perfect storm of reckless abandon, that is the Escalator to Nowhere.

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