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Escalator to Nowhere

  • Chug
  • Experimental
Artist — Track Name

H.E.A.D. - EFS 3
XIII - Addendo Della Pietra (Feat. Anna Homler)
Gum Takes Tooth - Hermaphrodite And Nourishment
Cybe - Krung Thep
LNS - Pizzica Tarantata N. 014 Rework
Laurine Frost - Through The Pines Run Little Run
Drums Off Chaos - On Circles
Javier Paxariño - Nuchako
I.A.O. - Feel The Forgotten Sense
Cigarra - Mar Délico
Goat - Ghosts Part 1
Vas - Astrae
XIII - Hardtmuth (Feat. Hans Harsen)
Matt Mawson - Subversive
Yasuaki Shimizu - IQ-179
Lenny Frings - Plantastic
Muslimgauze - Salaam Alekum, Bastard
Papa Yankson - Yaa Yaa Nkoba
Nilotika Cultural Ensemble - Ejokawulida
Graeme Miller And Steve Shill - A Long Paleness
Clara! Y Maoupa - Sum Sum (Cover)
Jolly Mare, Benoit B - Si Va Bene
Zidbolt Swinesect - Chaos Consumes All Entities
Terminal Twilight - The Lovers
Howes - Untitled (B)
Ulv - The Lost Industrial Temples
Tunes Of Negation - The Time Has Come
Clock DVA - Cycom
Violet - The Guestlist
ishi vu - 10 Tolls: A Threnody for the Luz

Escalator To Nowhere

Born in 2016, haphazardly broadcasting from their living room on the fledgling Noodlewaves, surrounded by records and empty bottles. The debut show ended with fka boursin playing a dubbed and decaying sample of Marge's closing monologue from the Monorail episode (which gave the show its name). The years since have seen an office-party conga of members, guests and cameos, a semi-detached 2-up-2-down of Noods studios, and a Tomorrowland of club-nights and parties across Bristol and London. Shape-shifting musical forms include: evangelical wrong-speed trance revivalists, fringe-flicking post-punk goth kids, noughties r’n’b wedding DJs, 80s art-pop opera, Coil tribute band, Arabian acid-charmers, 90s psybient dreamweavers, Gregorian chanting circle, nu-jack swing euphoric gospel preachers, one-tune junglists, Yugoslvian folk trio, the Miami Boys Choir, and many more...

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