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Enquiring Minds

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Artist — Track Name

Field recording - Pied Currawong gathering
Matana Roberts - For Standing Rock II: Black Hills Land Claim
Hsia Yu & Yan Jun - Don’t You Feel the Morning Becomes Her? -- For Yan for a Senegalese Woman
Wilted Woman - Corrupt
Bill Nace & Sandy Ewen - Untitled
1000 Hues Of Golden Fire - In The Next World
Murdabike - KILLA4LIVE1
Wet Dog - Cool Girl World
Yapoos - Suteki na Jikan
Old Chips - Mokoia Road
B.i.d.s. - D U R E

Enquiring Minds

Broadcasting from the Southern Hemisphere, Tapeways is here to take you on a trip through strange and experimental waters. Putting a spotlight on people who make interesting sounds.

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