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Enquiring Minds w/ Tapeways

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Artist — Track Name

Field Recording - Neighbours singing Finn Brothers tunes
The Space Lady - I remember love
Gorgotha - Tangerine
Rei Compact - In the year of the fuck-up
Lily Tait - Harmonium Improv #1
Clara Rockmore - Kaddish
Marian Anderson - Trampin' (Live at Lincoln Memorial)
Jeannie Robertson & Lucy Stewart - The Battle Of Harlaw
Melanie Berzon - And they never come back
Bi Kidude - Arebaba Pakistan
Edna Gallmon Cooke - Road of No Returns
Vōtiv - In The Forgetting (extended version)

Enquiring Minds

Broadcasting from the Southern Hemisphere, Tapeways is here to take you on a trip through strange and experimental waters. Putting a spotlight on people who make interesting sounds.

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