On Air

Eminent w/ DJ Mathematics

  • breaks
  • techno
  • bass
  • broken beat
Artist — Track Name

Good Morning Tapes - Summoning The Spirits
Heritage - Outside Contact
Elmono - Endorfiend
Hagan x Gafacci - Yenko
Glimmerman - Occult
Phon.O - CLU5ST3R
Orson - Fabrik
Guava - Can't Catch Me
Ebb - Locus
Martyn - Nerve Centers
Unknown - Lab
V/A - Hearth Transplant
Bored God - You Make Me Feel So Good
Bailey Ibbs - Friends
Images - Safari Zone (Lars Warn Bootleg)
Yilan - Unreleased
Hence Therefore - Census Map Museum
Jock Club - Common Ground
Throwing Snow - Idealog
Logic1000 - Precision
Voces De Humo (DJ Plead Belly-Roll Mix) - Belly Bones, Lay Low
Delian League - Orbitals
Anunaku - Forgotten Tales
Santos - Fragment
Club Winston - Slump
Toma Kami - Negative Extasy
Overmono - Le Tigre
CCL x Flora FM - Liquify Interference
Sentos - Trojan Horse
Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor - Rotorwerks
Negroni Nails - White Matter (Original Mix)
Blawan - Many Many Pings
Mor Elian - Farewell to The Snare
Mark Broom - Jungle (Original Mix)
DJ Seinfield - Lilium
Popmix - Klub Frimis
Logic1000 - Derrière


Bristol collective Eminent consists of five friends – Hywel Gregory, Ulex, Tramma, Zobol, and Yushh – who share the passion for electronic music. With residents playing a combination of leftfield house, techno, electro, rave/breakbeat and the greyer areas in-between. Eminent will be broadcasting every first Tuesday of the month from 5pm – 7pm.

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