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Orkiestra Osmega    -   Dancing In The Wind
Black Sun Production    -   Ode To Oetzi
virginia astley -   arctic death
Spirt   -   Potatoland Introduction 
Pyrolator   -   True Love 
The Grand Detroit Pubahs    -   Tig o Bake Fitties
Chris Evans -   Life in the City 
Giesterfahrer   -   Unknown
Nina Hagan  -   Atomic Flash 
Biting Tongues  -   Take the Back Right Off
The Cross   -   The 2nd Shelf Mix
Queen   -   Scandel
B-Art   -   Prisencolinensinainciusol
Westworld   -   Beatbox Rock & Roll
The Cross   -   Love on a Tightrope
Chris Evens -   Flys
The Grand Detroit Pubahs    -   Sandwiches
Re-Flex -   Sensetive
EC Ryders Happy Hour

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