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Echochorus - Queen of Mars
Veerot - _o_t_a_r_n_n_e
Gas of Latvia - Viva Evol
Clausthome - Distant
Index Case Active - On Another Day
Posverdad Trax - Treasures To Be Found
Nieris - Baco Tell
Laudardo - Winter Songs
Glockis - Beat14
Tulo Contour - Bitumshaker
Ideal Standard - Genādijs klauvē pie durvīm
N1L - Cracks In The Mouth
Ijoha - 11
Mega - Asinis sasūcas zemē (feat. Līksmais Terors)
Demaui - Lucky Dog
Oriole - Tribal
Toms Auniņš - Shape Parlance
Toms Auniņš - Dorm.CCd
PO - Blank Lyrics
Girts Reiniks - The Aftermath
Nesra - Cet A Cea
SMDORMA - Giliau Nei Garsas (SKD Remix)

Dyslexia Sound System  w/ SKD

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