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Dyslexia Sound System w/ Jon Cornbill

  • Dub
  • Ambient
  • Experimental
  • Industrial
  • Post-Punk
Artist — Track Name

Skalpell - Conscious Without Organ
Sepehr - Twilight Calls
Yuko Araki - Damontoid
Rheinzand - The Way You Do
Cándido - Shaktiman
Chakk - Cut The Dust
Hilt - Hilter
Organized Pleasure - Tropical Stumble
The Arms of Someone New - Vietnam
Credit 00 & Wolf Müller - Ursuppe
Fran - I’m Moving To London
Gilb’R - Hexo
The iDEALIST - War Chant
Fini Tribe - Ultra

Dyslexia Sound System w/ Autumns

Autumns dives into a selection of his favourite Post-Punk, Dub, and Wave tracks, as well as sharing DSS with a few guests.

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