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Dyslexia Sound System w/ Ecrin Hazer

  • House
  • Chug
  • Pop
  • Classic Disco
Artist — Track Name

Kasamatsu Miki - Mamotte Agetai
Cluster - Marzipan
Belbury Poly - Insect Prospectus
Tomoko Aran - Hannya
Tomoko Aran - Midnight Pretenders
Mbulu - Nomalizo Letta
Gaz Nevada - I.C. Love Affair
New Paradise - I Love Video
Chinese Ways - Secrets of China
Beat Beat Beat - Beat In The Street
Mikron - Polynesia

Dyslexia Sound System w/ Autumns

Autumns dives into a selection of his favourite Post-Punk, Dub, and Wave tracks, as well as sharing DSS with a few guests.

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