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Dyslexia Sound System w/ Autumns

  • Dub
  • Dubstep
  • Experimental
  • Post-Punk
  • Industrial
Artist — Track Name

SPK - Despair
O VMV M - B Forest
Nurse With Wound The Self Sufficient Sexual Shoe
Chronomad - Sama I
Nocturnal Emissions - God On God
Cut Hands - Shut Up and Bleed
Equohm - B
Muslimgauze - Djerba
Unless, W-Moon - Dubby Plug
Abu Ama - Pashmak
Pink Industry - Bound By Silence

Dyslexia Sound System w/ Autumns

Autumns dives into a selection of his favourite Post-Punk, Dub, and Wave tracks, as well as sharing DSS with a few guests.

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