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Dream Console

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Artist — Track Name

Barry "Epoch" Topping - Welcome
HOME - Resonance
Ninjacat - Shooting Stars
INTL.CMD - Playa
White Bat Audio - End Credits
Three Chain Links - All We Ever See Of Stars
monomer - Reprise - Melody
OGRE Sound - Air to Surface (Destroy IV)
Power Glove - 9th Dimension
LudoWic - Overdose
Eva - Zeta Reticuli
Power Glove - Ancient Caverns
Magic Sword - The Way Home
mitch murder - School of Wizards
Barry "Epoch" Topping - Idle Lands
Effoharkay - BONUS --_--
VHS Glitch - Moment of Silence
Stevia Sphere - Eating Ice cream
Bill Kiley - Silhouette
Harry Critchley - Synths and Waves
Eva - The End
Gabe Castro - Mainframe
Harry Critchley - Night Drive

Dream Console

Join OkE every 4th Tuesday @midnight to delve into the dusty depths of video game music. Playing everything from rare retro curios to modern masterpieces and the occasional nostalgic favourite

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