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Dream Console

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Artist — Track Name

Wendy Carlos - Winter (out-take 2)
Yume 2kki - White Out
yamanaka - 氷の女”紫苑”
Haruomi Hosono - 25 Dec.1983
Visible Cloaks - Wintergreen
Williams, Grossart - Shining Ice
Lifeformed × Janice Kwan - Snowmelt
Stewart Copeland - Winter Tundra
Michael Bell - Winter Sunlight
David Mellor - Melting Ice
David Mellor - The Thaw
Claudio Gizzi - Cime Tempestose - Ventoso Descrittivo Montagne Innevate Icebergs Ghiaccio
Spore Hero Arena - Mirror Snow
Harold Budd, Brian Eno - Wind in Lonely Fences
Haruomi Hosono - KILA〜氷の中のキラ〜
Lion Merry - 冬はココに来る人は, 少ししかいない (Few People Come Here In Winter)
Keishi Urata - 鳥詩組曲 第一楽章 風花/WIND FLOWER
Tor Lundvall - Melting Snow
Hiroshi Yoshimura - Urban Snow
Toru Minegishi - Igloo
Joel Corelitz - Icelake Alt
Shiho Fujii, Shigetoshi Gohara - The Silver World of Shiveria 2 [Snow Kingdom]
Roberto Musci - Lidia, After The Snow
Kelan Phil Cohran and Legacy - White Nile

Dream Console

Join OkE every 4th Tuesday @midnight to delve into the dusty depths of video game music. Playing everything from rare retro curios to modern masterpieces and the occasional nostalgic favourite

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