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Dream Console

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Addams Family Values Dark Dungeons
Yougekitai: Jashin Koumaroku - Opening
Xak - Water Dragon
Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars - Black Ops
Snatcher - Pleasure of Tension
Skeleton Krew - Opening Theme
UFO: Enemy Unknown - Geoscape
Wendetta 2175 - Mission 6 Briefing
Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers - Human Brain Research
Addams Family Values - Blizzard
The Seven Gates of Jambala - Ending
Continental - FRPG12
Addams Family Values - House Of The Dead
Skeleton Krew - Stage 2: Elevator Shaft
Aquales - Phantom of Deep (Stage 5)
Gauntlet IV - Adventures of Iron
Zone 66 - Title
Dragon Master Silk II - SLKMSC07
Akiko Gold: The Queen of Adult - Lazy Afternoon
Dead of the Brain II - Title
Cy-Lips - Traces of Breath
Cy-Lips - DNA-Dragon (Boss 1)
EVE Burst Error - Critical
Akumajo Dracula - Simon's Theme
Cy-Lips - Do-It (Boss 7)
Cy-Lips - D-Beat (Stage 6)
Étoile Princesse - Slky Castle
Cynthia - Title Screen
Lam-Mal - R_5

Dream Console

Join OkE every 4th Tuesday @midnight to delve into the dusty depths of video game music. Playing everything from rare retro curios to modern masterpieces and the occasional nostalgic favourite

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