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  • Techno
  • Sludge
  • Breakbeat
  • EBM
Artist — Track Name

Sister Zo - Everything Is on Fire
Hodge and Simo Cell - Drums from the West
Silene - Fukawa
De Grandi - Strike
INGI - Point
Emmanuel - Dedizione
Heritage - Chrome Dome
Silene - Masami
Berwick - Beaky Snakey
Jennifer Walton, KAVARI - Skee (Jennifer Walton Remix)
WAGER, 95Bones - Purple Hill (East London Aerial Mix)
Tom Place - Left of Centre
Bing - Silent Talking (Left II Silence Remix)
GLASKIN - Fine Silver
Talik - Cold Silver (Martins Time Freeze Mix)
An Avrin - Mosquito
Batu - Inner Space
Feena - Dead Digits
Sabz - Klaus
Hypna (Phrizus Remix) - Beam Reflector
Unknown - Otpaba (Bass Mix)
Glimmerman - Oxygen Sum
Jake Plisken - Em Way Racetrack


Having built a cult following sharing his latest musical discoveries & vinyl purchases online, Ian DPM brings Definite Party Material to the decks. Just like the DPM channel and his live sets, expect an eclectic mix of dancefloor aimed cuts by newcomers and veterans alike.

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