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Artist — Track Name

RDL - Streets (Club Mix)
Guy Contact - Maya Bay
Etienne Jaumet - Metallik Cages (Acid Arab Remix)
SEO JOHN - Dimension Walking (Bliss Inc. Remix)
Guy Contact - Cool Blue Liquid (Maximus Mix)
The Maghreban - Hit Parade
Fierce Ruling Diva - The Berlin Project
Limbus Puerorum - Channel Mutant
An Avrin - Eat Clintswood
Strict Face - Count Them
Kaval - Firing Devices
Young Muscle - Pluck
Chungo - Mete Com Força (Edit)
Kaval - Cave of Wonders
Mosca - From Ere Til Eternity
Heritage - Chrome
Kells - Flinch
Dogpatrol - Swizzytown Funk
Doctor Nick - Squelch
Jubley - Cool Guy
Nicolas Duque - Bristol Love (Holloway Remix)
Farsight - Renegade
Strict Face - Carni Clash
Farron - It's Only 4 Life (Realitycheck Remix)
Young Muscle - Beat Up By The Drum
Herron - Dead Frogs Down
crouds - Hikikomori
Skream - Requestline VIP
Azu Tiwaline - Izen Zaren (Laksa Remix)
Wheez-ie - Fire Drill
Fiesta Soundsystem - Phlso
DJ Jedi - Who's In Control (Deluxe Remix)
Tim Reaper & Dwarde - Give It 2 Me
Main Phase & Lille Høg - Hold On
XL Order - Full Focus Fast Win
Etienne Jaumet - Unity (Dj Sotofett's Unity Dub)
Will Lister - Shadow Stem
Dervis - mis-stored memories
Zoë McPherson - Alva


Having built a cult following sharing his latest musical discoveries & vinyl purchases online, Ian DPM brings Definite Party Material to the decks. Just like the DPM channel and his live sets, expect an eclectic mix of dancefloor aimed cuts by newcomers and veterans alike.

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