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Static Structures - Dragon Break [Forthcoming Nice & Deadly]
Denham Audio & Kazuho - Love Addiction [Forthcoming Cheeky Sneakers]
Casement - Movement
Kamus - Wallace (Nikki Nair Remix)
Devnull & Tim Reaper - Give It 2 Me (Coco Bryce Remix) [Forthcoming Lobster Theremin]
Halber Ball - Rift 3
Kouslin - Dem Nah Want It (ft. Riko Dan)
MM - Timbo's March
Ehua - Diatom [Forthcoming Nervous Horizon]
Korzi - Basmati Bandit [Forthcoming Left, Right, Centre]
Jon Beige - Palo Santo (Empty Club Mix) [Forthcoming Global Warming]
KRSLD - Indominous [Forthcoming Glome Sound]
Pluralist - See Me In The Club (Come June 21st) [Instrumental]
Lakewest - Death & Taxes [Forthcoming]
Henry Greenleaf - Put By [Forthcoming Redstone Press]
Talik - Cold Silver
Limbus Puerorum - Channel Mutant
Silene - Ozaki [Forthcoming Miracle Drug Recordings]
Anunaku - Spirale
Dawn Razor - Dreamproof
Facta - Doves
Farsight - Renegade (Interplanetary Criminal Remix) [Forthcoming Scuffed Recordings]
Benson Streaker - The Body [Forthcoming Canapé Records]
Overmono - Pieces of 8
Yikes - Corroboree [Forthcoming Midnight Elevator]
Will Hofbauer - JBU ('18 Mix) [Forthcoming Out of Sorts]
Liam Doc - Uh Huh Huh [Unreleased]
Dowd - Woman is Life (Dowd's Third Planet Edit) [Forthcoming]
Tymotica - Incoherent Death Experience (Iron Mix)
Jon Beige - Hydrocution (Empty Club Mix) [Forthcoming Global Warming]
Alex Index - Party Time (Hedchef Remix) [Forthcoming INDEXLIFE]
Rnbws - Nothing But Hardcore [Forthcoming RFR Records]
KAVARI - essence remains [Forthcoming Meld]
Joe Koshin - Inside
96 Back - 9696 Dream


Having built a cult following sharing his latest musical discoveries & vinyl purchases online, Ian DPM brings Definite Party Material to the decks. Just like the DPM channel and his live sets, expect an eclectic mix of dancefloor aimed cuts by newcomers and veterans alike.

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