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  • Contemporary Jazz
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  • Synth Pop
  • Hip-Hop
Artist — Track Name

MF DOOM - Vomitspit
Bibio - A Couple Swim
Fabiona Do Nascimento - Canto de XangO
Alabaster de Plume - Why,Buzzardman,Why
YasuakiShimizu - Kakashi
Valleys - Nerija
Love You Even More - Art Feynman
Kokoroko - Ti-de
Theo Parrish - Ebonics
Fleur Earth - Black Maki
H Hunt - C U Soon
Sol Monk ft Mo Rayon - Stupid Wind
Herb Alpert - Ladyfingers
Ruby Rushton - Two for Joy
Joni Mitchell - Blue
Joni Mitchell - AllIWant
Kae Tempest - Firesmoke


Double-Bind presents a 60 minute journey of sound, music and ideas centred on universal themes. Each edition explores a different topic, seeking to shed new sound and light, through a diverse blend of genres, perspectives and human-centred experiences.

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