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DJ Vaagner Mix for Zenevloed

  • Field Recordings
  • Ambient
  • Drone
  • Neo Classical
Artist — Track Name

Venetian Snares - Gottrahmen
Celer - The Carved God Is Gone; Waking Above The Piles Clouds
J. Carter - The Ropes Become Water As We Roll Together Towards Dawn
(Forthcoming Vaknar)
Sugai Ken - Shinobine/Okera
Dj Sprinkles - Admit It’s Killing You (And Leave) (Piano Solo)
Anthéne - Best Intentions [Vaknar]
Autumn Pool - Love Is Not Enough [Strange Rules]
Dedekind Cut - Hollow Earth [Kranky/Hospital Producitons]
PLXY – Gloryland [Ascetic House]
Cheekbone - Slower Eastwind [Muzan Editions]
Sarah Davachi - At Hand
Tomoko Sauvage - In Some Brighter Sphere
Jan Jelinek & Masayoshi Fujita – Undercurrent [Fatiche]


VACAST is a Bi-Monthly mix series brought to you by the VAAGNER label as part of the Vaagner Global Reach Initiative (V.G.R.I). As both a cassette label, re-issue operation and event series, VAAGNER was initiated as a collective hub that aspires to aid the dispersal, dissemination and appreciation of modern cassette music from around the globe. Every two months on the fourth Monday 22:00-23:00 GMT, VACAST will share a mix by an artists linked to the International Cassette Division (I.C.D.) All VACAST broadcasting operations are saved in an auditory interconnected archival network known as soundcloud. For more information, follow the link below

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