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DJ Mooncup

  • Ambient
  • Freak Folk
  • Experimental
  • Spoken Word
Artist — Track Name

Hanno Pfisterer - Pskovo; Monastery In The Caves, Polyeleon Bells
Hathor's Rose Choir - The Way of The Rose, The Way of The Heart
Ensemble Organum - Alleluia (V.O Pimenon Ton Israhil)
Radiante Pourpre - Interlude
Hole Dweller - The Dwarven Caravan of Rushock Bog
破地獄 Scattered Purgatory - A3 芒神 (Zaliva-D Remix)
Hildegard von Bingen - O viridissima virga, Ave
Aindulmedir - The Lunar Lexicon
Radiante Pourpre - Small Talk
Aïsha Devi - Throat Dub (Tool)

DJ Mooncup

DJ Mooncup (aka Ellen) focuses on the weird, dark and hypnotic, drawing links between genres that seem unrelated on the surface but connect on a deeper level. An ongoing project is their radio adaptation of Theo Brown's West Country Folklore series, soundtracking the texts with electronic freak folk. DJ Mooncup regularly plays at venues around Bristol and has close links to London's Rye Wax.

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