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DJ Mooncup

  • Spoken Word
  • Ambient
  • Freak Folk
  • Drone
Artist — Track Name

Hawgood | Hüwels | Murray - Light Falters
Saturnales - Humus III (Pérénifol)
HERBARIUM - Atarax Sleeping (Falkreath Night) w/ Umr-al-Tawil
Broken Thoughts - Vaguely Remembered
Biosphere - Chukhung
白水 Baishui - Stranded
Seba Kitartas - [Landscape 02]
Chanterelle - Toadfrost
CMBR - Ain Soph Aur
Defekt - Huath
Sunken Grove - The Woods Beyond Your Door
Treasure Hunt - Lifeform
HERBARIUM - VENUS (feat. Tropical Interface)
Forklift Operator - Determination (A Burning of Incense)
Susumu Yokota - Shinsen
Shawn Cartier - CR33P3R

DJ Mooncup

DJ Mooncup (aka Ellen) focuses on the weird, dark and hypnotic, drawing links between genres that seem unrelated on the surface but connect on a deeper level. An ongoing project is their radio adaptation of Theo Brown's West Country Folklore series, soundtracking the texts with electronic freak folk. DJ Mooncup regularly plays at venues around Bristol and has close links to London's Rye Wax.

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