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DJ Mooncup

  • Ambient
  • Spoken Word
  • Drone
  • Experimental
  • Freak Folk
Artist — Track Name

Acid Granny - Garda Meow
Oui Ennui - Myopia
Sarah Davachi - Gradual of Image
Li Yilei - TAN / 潭
Salamanda - Hemi and Bee
Early Fern - Golden Moon
Salamanda - Bubble Bamboo Princess
Delta Rain Dance - Trancemission Five
Salamanda - Kali
Lawrence English - A Binding
Demdike Stare - All Hallows Eve
Salamanda - Boiled Tomato
Demdike Stare - Jannisary
Rising Damp - Cannibal
Freaky Chakra - Halucifuge (Freaky Chicken Peck)

DJ Mooncup

DJ Mooncup (aka Ellen) focuses on the weird, dark and hypnotic, drawing links between genres that seem unrelated on the surface but connect on a deeper level. An ongoing project is their radio adaptation of Theo Brown's West Country Folklore series, soundtracking the texts with electronic freak folk. DJ Mooncup regularly plays at venues around Bristol and has close links to London's Rye Wax.

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