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Dj Ductape Guide For The Weekend

  • Experimental
  • Hardcore
  • Industrial
Artist — Track Name

Fern Kinney - Baby Let Me Kiss You
Unknown - Unknown
Avon Terror Corps - Even Cow Girls Get The Blues
Boiler - Hush
Stroer Duo - Nomad Song
Aaliyah - Drill The Boat (Loft Remix)
Autum - And I Laughed
Nikki - SiFi Soul
Harrga - Primitive
Furacao 2000 - Unknown
Micachu - I Dare You
Micachu - Intro
Whitey Houston - Make It (Tiger Prawn Remix)

Dj Ductape

If Dj Ductape was a dinner they would be bubble & squeak. Mashed up leftovers, nicely fried into a delicious offering suitable at any time of the day.* Contact : [email protected] *Best enjoyed between 1am - 6am.

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