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DJ Ductape

  • Electro
  • Techno
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Alien Alien - Sambaca
Malaria Vs Chicks on Klares Wasser
Agf cognitive modules party
AGF Delay Most beautiful
In Aeternam vale & Anneq Je Al Dissous
The velvet underground Ill be your mirror
Chick on Speed Peter on Acid
Sexy Lazer & oculus Dog of BKK
Headman/Robi insn Barbarism
C.A.R 58 Idle eyes
MCL New York (Double ny mix)
Cleaners From venus corridor of dreams

Dj Ductape

If Dj Ductape was a dinner they would be bubble & squeak. Mashed up leftovers, nicely fried into a delicious offering suitable at any time of the day.* Contact : [email protected] *Best enjoyed between 1am - 6am.

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