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Discordia w/ Exhausted Modern

  • Acid
  • Ambient
  • House
  • New Beat
  • Techno
Artist — Track Name

Miligram Retreat - Unreleased
Fraxinus - The Resistor
Patricia Kokett - Luxor Bambina
Donnie & Joe Emerson - My Heart
Konsistent - Steel Island
Black Seed - City Of The Sun
Mace - Bond Panic
Jass - No Chance
Andria - To Devour An Albino Tiger With Her
Konkordski - Ruzdjak
Violet Poison - B-Movies, Chips & Casio CZ-1
Nostalgia - Biosolution for Today
Kate NV - дуб OAK

Discordia w/ Urexboyfriend

Discordia is a radio show based in Vilnius, curated by Urexboyfriend. I invite my recent favorite or curent discoveries - DJ's, bands, producers or anyone else who transfers sound and try to introduce them through my show. Discordia has no actual genre or music limits, the main idea of Discordia is playing what you really love!

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