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Definite Party Material

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  • Breaks
  • Acid
  • Ambient
  • Techno
Artist — Track Name

Bandshell - Gully Ripper
Lurka- Scanners 2002
Jock Club - Snake Enclosure
Two Shell - Fracture
Severin Glance - 2 Reign (Forthcoming Precious Metals)
Cando - Release The Bees (Unreleased)
Azu Tiwaline - Itrik
Yssue - Lawnmower Dub
Otik - Amor (Forthcoming Keysound)
Kilig - I'm Trying (Forthcoming Scuffed)
Will Hofbauer - Hoot Flute
Dervisis - 05تتφιÇ
Neinzer - Nabi
Delay Grounds - Clatter
Neinzer - Rassalin
Will Hofbauer - Where Did All The Hay Go?
Nikki Nair - Cclluubb (Forthcoming Scuffed)
Ben Gomori - Fluxed Up(Forthcoming Homage)
Cinthie - Just Us (Forthcoming 803 Crystal Grooves)
E.B.E. - Escape To New York
Heritage - London Fields (Forthcoming Ruffset)
Breaka - The Startup (Forthcoming Off Beat)
Delay Grounds - Stompy (Forthcoming Pressure Dome)
Laksa - FWD Ghosts
Lithe - Nos (Fault Tolerance Remix) (Forthcoming Flood)
Alex Falk - Movefast
Anz - Gary Mission
Dutchavelli - Bando Diaries
Mr. Ho - Stonks Go Up
AM - Jeremy Corbyn
object blue x TSVI - Syntax (Forthcoming Nervous Horizon)
otik - Seasonal FX (Forthcoming Keysound)
T5UMUT5UMU - Artificial Blossoms
Wheez-ie - WEAPONIZED (Forthcoming C-KNOW EVIL)
Nikki Nair - Justtryingto (Hermeth Remix) (Forthcoming Scuffed)
IZCO - Revitalisation (ft. Novelist)
Warlock - 36 No Show
Andrew Juke - Neon
Interplanetary Criminal - Everything is getting dark (Forthcoming Ruffset)
M27 - Groove


Having built a cult following sharing his latest musical discoveries & vinyl purchases online, Ian DPM brings Definite Party Material to the decks. Just like the DPM channel and his live sets, expect an eclectic mix of dancefloor aimed cuts by newcomers and veterans alike.

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