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Dark Lord Of The Vaults

  • Hip-Hop
  • Blues
  • Electro
  • Jazz
  • Soul
Artist — Track Name

Alice Coltrane - Live at Carnaby Hall
John Coltrane - Accension pt.2
Milt Jackson - Autumn Breeze
Willy Calone - Guaracha
Los Maanseros Satinagueños - Que Lindo Se Ha Puesto El Pago
Antonio Carlos Jobim - Mojave
Pete Rugolo & Hi Fi Bugs - For Hi Fi Bugs
Son House - Death Letter
Craig Kupka - Music for dancing theatres
Nando Litteri - A.E.A.E.O (Instrumental)
The Makers - Don't Challenge me
Curtis Mayfield - We Come in Peace
Frankie Beverley & Maze - Twilight
Miles Davis - The Doo Bop song
Brand Nubiyan - The travel jam
De La Soul - Brainwashed Follower
The O'jays - For the Love Money
Bad brains - intro
Ahzz - New York is Movin'
Parlet - No RUmp to Bump
Charlie Chritian - Swing to Bop
Leo's Sunshipp - Give me the Sunshine

Dark Lords Of The Vaults

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