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Dare To Believe w/ Etienne Jaumet

  • Electronica
  • Leftfield House
  • Experimental

Marking 4 years of Dare To Believe on Noods :~)

Artist — Track Name

Sam Prekop - Summer Places
Ramuntcho Matta - Zoique III
Susan Ciani - Quartz Monsonite
Shackleton & Waclaw Zimpel - Primal Forms
Jon Hassell - Ndeya
Nuno Canavarro - Blu Terra
DK - Forest Palace
Albinos - Palazzo
Atom TM - 0.9
Toulouse Low Trax - Dawn Is Temporal
Two Lone Swordsmen - Gang Sweep Shuffling
Front de Cadeaux - Casa Gaza
Black Merlin - Genesis Preacher
The New Morning - Kongo Bina
Richie Hawtin - Concept 1 96-01 01-00
None - Khneï Khneï Thnacapata Thnacapata
La Tène - La Maléja
Cochemea - Asatoma
Meridian Brothers - Cambia de la Amistad
Nihiloxica - Supuki
Gilbert Cohen / Ariel Kalma - De Luscious (Leo James Remix)

Dare To Believe

A regular radio show and irregular party, Nicko will be helping to quench that thirst for the good stuff. Expect 2 hours of heaters every 2nd Thursday, featuring classics, rarities, new discoveries and old favourites, killer music of all persuasions and purposes PLUS some of Bristol’s finest guesting on the show. And… Keep those eye's peeled for some extra special bookings coming real soon. DARE TO BELIEVE!

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