On Air


  • Ambient
  • Drone
  • New Age
Artist — Track Name

MLO - Birds & Flutes
Alio Die - Cicada's Loop
John Beltran - Soft Summer
Percival Pembroke - Ruin: 2F North
Lorn - Replika
Imaginary Softwoods - Coconut Serenade
Lighght - sought, kept
Henrik B - Stalker
Nooten Brook - Finally II
Twin Galaxies - Vignette for VR
Kuroi Ame - Upgrade
Claude Speeed - NK (In other words: A Plan)
Pavel Milyakov - Main Loop
Burial - Nightmarket
Obay Slsharani - Northern Lights
Twin Galaxies - Infinite Wisdom
Ulf Lohmann - PCC


Crosspolar’s productions and mixes have one foot firmly set in a nostalgia dosed version of the yesteryear, while the other one is running ahead in a chromium tinted, iridescent coated vision of the future. Drones, textures, noises and shimmering ambiences will sing you to sleep every second Thursday night of the month. Welcome to the new New Age. “Building the technologies for a brighter tomorrow” Crosspolar Technologies™ & Gaia Industries®

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