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Crest Of A Wave

  • Folk Rock
  • Indie
  • Ambient
  • Ambient Techno
  • Deep House
Artist — Track Name

Golden Brown - Safe and Somewhat Sound
Jonny Dillon - Numinous Hedgegrows, Look and See!
Great Lake Swimmers - Getting to the Heart of It
Ella Raphael - See Through
Alexis Georgopoulos & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma  - The Streets are Filled with Rain
Sam Burton - Last Ditch Protocol
Loren Connors & David Grubbs - Blossom Time
Carlos Ferriera - Living a Metaphor
Grand River - The Seventy One Percent
Artifical System - Sermon of the Jungle
Lars Bartkuhn - Disembodied Journey
Vladimir Tarasov - Atto IV (Side B)
Deep Space Network - Zenn La
U-Ziq - Lime Aero
Donato Dozzy - Vaporwave 5
Segue - Honest and Truly
I Cube - Deep Republic
Black Light Smoke - At Home in Strange Places
Dream 2 Science - Dream 2 Science
As One - Find a Way
Deep Nalstrom - Low Gravity Ride
Albrecht La'Brooy - Pavilion
Brendon Moeller - Calm

Crest Of A Wave

Join Crest of a Wave each month for a relaxing, contemplative journey through 2 hours on a Tuesday afternoon. Often low key and calm there is however the possibility of a dive into more choppier waters or towards a relaxed party vibe back on dry land. With irregular guests.

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