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Crest of a Wave

  • New Age
  • Folk Rock
  • Ambient
Artist — Track Name

Judie Collins - Farewell To Tarwathie
Mad Music Inc - Track 11
Alice Damon - Treetop Winds
Picture Music - Yesterday's
Ben McElroy - Bed Down In The Murk
Deux Filles - The City Sleeps
Private C - Alone In The House I Grew Up In
Pan-American - Both Noun and Verb
Rachel's - A Warm Body
The Wulu Bunun & David Darling - Pis Lai
Bert Jansch - Kittiwake
Tully - Trinidad
Willie Dunn - The Pacific
Philip John Lewin - Fear of Flying
Bert Jansch - Poison
Megan Sue Hicks - Hey, Can You Come Out and Play
Tony Caro and John - All On The First Day
Monks Road Social - Rise Up Singing
Bill Clint - Angels Don't Need Friends
Tim Buckley - Buzzing Fly
Heaven & Earth - Feel The Spirit
Jim - Phoenix
Shane - I Belong To The Wind

Crest Of A Wave

Join Crest of a Wave each month for a relaxing, contemplative journey through 2 hours on a Tuesday afternoon. Often low key and calm there is however the possibility of a dive into more choppier waters or towards a relaxed party vibe back on dry land. With irregular guests.

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