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Cord's Mixtape Delivery Service

  • Folk
Artist — Track Name

Where are the Prawns? - The Soft Boys
The Hedgehog’s Song - The Incredible String Band
Hob - Richard Dawson
The Mole in the Hole - The Southlanders
Busy Doin’ Nothing - The Beach Boys
I Worn my Elbows - Ivor Cutler
I’ve Got Me - Joanna Sternberg
Visions of Reality - Ultimate Spinach
I’m Old - Eiko Ishibashi
Artistraw Wassail Song - Cord’s Original Field Recording
Ned Flanders - Apple Juice vs Apple Cider
The Watersons - Apple Tree Wassail
Everybody Hates Ned Flanders - Homer Simpson & David Byrne
Unison - Talking Heads
Free Will and Testament - Robert Wyatt
The Dusty Floor - Spencer Cullum
New Body Rhumba - LCD Soundsystem

Cord's Mixtape Delivery Service

A radio revival of a compilation cd postal service Cord set up as a kid. Tune in for a monthly delivery of meandering speech and sound for you to bloom and blossom

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