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Cord's Mixtape Delivery Service

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Artist — Track Name

Saisis La Corde - La Femme
String Feelings - Robohands
The Turning Ground - Tara Clerkin Trio
Chromakey Dreamcoat - Boards of Canada
In a cage in the sea - Edwin R Stevens
Jessie Farms Nothing - Ruth Garbas
IUD - Okay Kaya
Fix - Speakers Corner Quartet ft. Tirzah
It must change - ANOHNI
Kerosene! - Yves Tumor
Troupeau Bleu - Cortex
Gymnopedie - Tapir!
Song to the Siren - This Mortal Coil
Your Silent Face - New Order

Cord's Mixtape Delivery Service

A radio revival of a compilation cd postal service Cord set up as a kid. Tune in for a monthly delivery of meandering speech and sound for you to bloom and blossom

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