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Continuous Movement

  • Ambient
  • Cold wave
  • Fourth World
  • Post-Punk
Artist — Track Name

Deep Maelstrom - Forgotten Realms
Zoë McPherson & Rupert Clervaux ‎ - Cercle Vertueux
Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus - Shadowlands
Yhdessa - Vermona E-Piano
Rudolf Abramov - Project 4
Gilbert Cohen/Ariel Kalma - Des calins, des pingouins
Houschyar - Temmuz
Violent Quand On Aime - I don't know
King Ende Shneafliet - Drei Manner Im Shnea
Diseño Corbusier - La Esperanza está en Antenas
Keys - Spass Maschine ft. Dino Schanze
Martin Dupont - Inside Out
Anne Clark - Self Destruct
Fred A - Usurpation
Sky Bird - Pasolini's Trembling
// - Bookwar

Continuous Movement

Continuous Movement is a monthly show hosted by Morey Cillar. Sometimes with a guest. Sometimes without a Guest.

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