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Concrete Folk

  • Industrial
  • Dub
  • Folk
  • Noise
  • Punk
Artist — Track Name

Current 93 - KillyKilly (A Fire Sermon)
Current 93 - Lucifer Over London
Emperors New Clothes - Haunted Music (Underdog Version)
23 Skidoo - Coup (12")
Ekoplekz - Dub Rubber
Gordon Bok - The Wind That Shakes The Barley
Seven Crowns - Dig Your Own Hell (Mike Smith Remix)
Lankum - The Pride Of Petravore
Swan Arcade - Black Seam
Yola Tengo - The Evil That Men Do (The Pablo Version)

Concrete Folk

Concrete Folk, is hosted by Jonny T. The music often shifts from Punk and Dub through to the experimental sound of field recordings, Noise and live improvisation!

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