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Closed Chapters w/ J Bandz

  • Westcoast
  • Rap
  • Trap
Artist — Track Name

Young Slo-Be - I Love You
03 Greedo - Bacc Like I Never Left
Larussell - ESPN
Drakeo The Ruler - Diddy Bop
BlueBucksClan - Flyest of My Generation
Ralfy The Plug - Skylar Diggins (Feat. Remble)
DB.Boutabag - Take My Time
Drakeo The Ruler - Impatient Freestyle
Ralfy The Plug - Stinc Worst Nightmare
Drakeo The Ruler - Fights Don't Matter
Peezy - 2 Million Up
Drakeo The Ruler - Intro (Feat. SaysoTheMac)
Drakeo The Ruler - Hundiddy Bop Bop
03 Greedo - Tricc On Just Anybody
BlueBucksClan - Suffer
Drakeo The Ruler - Stop Playin Wit That Man
Drakeo The Ruler - RIP Barneys
03 Greedo - Safety (feat. Ralfy The Plug)
Ralfy The Plug - Thizz Dancin' (Feat. Ketchy The Great)
BlueBucksClan - I Guess
DB.Boutabag - All These Blues
Drakeo The Ruler - Quit Rappin
BlueBucksClan - Jeeezy WYA
Leon Knight - Ocean Gate Submarine Freestyle
Sauce Pooh - Shit Talker 2 (Feat. DB.Boutabag)

Closed Chapters

Closed Chapters is a London-based collective showcasing the best in upcoming and already established artists across New York Drill, Jersey Club, LA Rap and everything in-between. The collective spans 3 members, and various practices including DJs, producers and graphic designers.

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