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Closed Chapters w/ J Bandz

  • US Drill
  • Trap
  • Jersey
  • Baltimore
  • Digi-Dancehall
Artist — Track Name

Shordie Shordie - Fallen Angels
Stain Blixky - First Show Freestyle
Drakeo The Ruler - RIP Barneys
Hitmakerchinx - Work
Shordie Shordie & Murda Beatz - Networth
Leon Knight - Ocean Gate Submarine Freestyle
Fenix Flexin - Not It
DJC - C100
Travis Scott - SDP Interlude
Bones & Xavier Wulf - Weatherman
DJ Technics - My Life Extra
Ron Lee - Dance My Pain Away
DJ Jayhood - AM PM
Babyfather - Meditation 2 (feat. Lil Yachty)
DJ Jayhood - What I Tote '09
DJ Jayhood - Lie About Us
Waka Flocka Flame - I'm Just Livin' Life
Sugarhill Keem - Too Oppy
Chow Lee - On The Radar Freestyle
SDot Go & SK Rolla - Handgun
Sugarhill Keem & OY Quan - Don't Trip
Sha EK, Bouba Savage, COE Wiki & Wowdy HBTL - Deeper Than Rap
COE - 150 Anthem
RockGang Dah - Opp Shopper
150 Bump, 150 Wiz & B-Lovee - Tweak
SDot Go - Snowfall
Bandmanrill & Fetty Wap - Don't Know My Name
DD Osama & Sugarhill DDot - Cater 2 U
Lil Yachty, Quelly Woo & Set Da Trend - 90s Baby
Brent Faiyaz - Jackie Brown (Sturdyyoungin Tss Ahh Mix)
Jay5ive - Percs
Dean Blunt - Over Him
Dean Blunt - Rinsed (feat. TYSON)

Closed Chapters

Closed Chapters is a London-based collective showcasing the best in upcoming and already established artists across New York Drill, Jersey Club, LA Rap and everything in-between. The collective spans 3 members, and various practices including DJs, producers and graphic designers.

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