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Closed Chapters

  • US Drill
  • Jersey
  • Rap
  • Gangsta Rap
  • Trap
Artist — Track Name

Sugarhill Keem - Drop My O
Ky Floxks, GlizzyGlo & Ken Amiri - One Time
Sweepers ENT - Love Sweepers
Sha EK - Meds (feat. SpongyRolla)
B-Lovee - Who Bugging
SDot Go - Don't Be Dumb
Sha EK - Flick (feat. Lefty Goon)
Mori Briscoe - Faneto
Kyle Ricch, Jenn Carter & Jah Woo - 4100 One Mic Cypher
Kush BinFlockin - One Mic Freestyle
MRow - Gassed Up
Sugarhill Keem - Get Crazy
Sha EK - Deeper Than Rap (feat. Bouba Savage, Wowdy HBTL & COE Wiki)
Sugarhill Keem - On Hots (feat. OY Quan)
Sha EK - When They See Me
K-Tone & Stain Blixky - Hotel
Stain Blixky - Veer
BDot Goon - You Know What I Smoke
Quelly Woo - Dreams 'N' Nightmares
SDot Go & Jay Hound - Hip Shit
Jay Hound - Chiraq
Sha EK - Too Oppy/Crank Dat
Sugarhill DDot - Stop Cappin'
Sha EK & Bandmanrill - Pistons
Sha EK - For The Block
B-Lovee - Talk About It
Skaiwater - Miles (feat. Bandmanrill & Lil Uzi Vert) [DJ Sliink VIP Mix]
MIS Ron & FreshyDaGeneral - Best In The Game (Remix)
Sha EK - Never Want To Be Them Pt.2 (feat. Lil Zay Osama)
C-Hii WVTTZ - Head Pop
Smino, Kay Flock & Lil Uzi Vert - 90 Proof (DeLaGoya Jersey Club Mix)
Kush BinFlockin - Deeper Than Rap
2Rare - Line Me

Closed Chapters

Closed Chapters is a London-based collective showcasing the best in upcoming and already established artists across New York Drill, Jersey Club, LA Rap and everything in-between. The collective spans 3 members, and various practices including DJs, producers and graphic designers.

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