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chOOn!! w/ Quantum Foam in Empty Rooms Vol. II

  • Ambient
  • Cosmic
  • Experimental
  • Library
  • Minimalism

This month’s show features another special guest mix selection. Drawing on American visual artist Bruce Nauman’s 1985 two-channel video work Good Boy Bad Boy, Quantum Foam Sounds and Music For Empty Rooms share the second of two collaborative mixes - a shimmering sonic conversation between two YouTube powerhouses, demonstrating a slippery capacity for stylistic shapeshifting and distilling their shared love of easy listening ambient jazz.

Artist — Track Name

Tagomago - Hiromi Feeling
Alan Feanch - Atlantide 1
Unknown Artist - モ Megumi OST II
The French Ensemble - Green Dew
Liberal Music - A Seecret Love
Cosmos _ Their L.A. Friends - Last Holiday
Bill Reddie - Ascent Into Now III
Giampiero Boneschi - Sisy
Michael Robinson - Delayed Response I
Masahiro Sugaya - Oldfashioned
Haruomi Hosono - 龍の道 Sea Of Tau II
V.D.B. Joel - Chipland Liquids
横田 進 Susumu Yokota - Cat, Mouse And Me
Tommaso Leddi - Algoritmo Ballabile VII
アンビエント・ハワイ Ambient Hawaii - Aloha Therapy
Timmy Holiday - Fuar ii
林 哲司 Tetsuji Hayashi - 閉ざされた記憶
高橋 幸宏 Y. Takahashi 山崎 良 R. Yamazaki
尾形貴弘 T. Ogata - Born In The Dragon_s Egg
Tom Hamilton - Fatehpur I
渡辺 K. Watanabe - 雪色のカルテ Karte Von Schnee VI
Nate Scheible - With Any Kind Of Luck
Remigio Ducros - Le Scarpe Al Chiodo


chOOn!! is a newly formed reissue label championing obscure and forgotten sounds. They celebrate rare musical antiquities drawn from a vast spectrum of curious, unique, deranged and experimental sound design. They will be broadcasting a mix of deep digging and upcoming projects from the label and showcasing guest sessions from its friends.

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